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Cum s-ar fi putut schimba istoria

I was hours away – I almost signed up for the England national team. But at the last minute I began thinking, «I am going to coach a national side, there will be one match a month and the rest of the time I will be in my office or overseeing matches.» And then to have to wait until the summer to compete in a European Championship or a World Cup? No, it wasn't for me. So at the last moment I pulled back, preferring to wait for the right job to come along, a good club, a challenge that could motivate me. That was Inter” (Jose Mourinho)

Despre Thiago Motta, italianul din Brazilia

His winning goal against Slovenia, a low shot from the left-hand side of the box after a neat back-heeled one-two with Federico Balzaretti, was celebrated keenly 200 miles away by a former bar owner and Juventus fan in the village of Polesella called Luciano Fogagnolo, the third cousin of Thiago Motta. «When he scored in Slovenia I kissed the photo that he sent me through his parents», Fogagnolo gushed

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