Astăzi vin cu câteva propuneri de lectură. Fotbalistică, evident.

Un articol mişto despre Luc Castaignos, puştiul olandez care va sosi în vară la Milano

I remember a weekend get-together. We had many small activities, including a panna tournament. Luc just wanted to win everything; it was not for his team it was for himself. Everyone could see how much potential he had. Whenever we conceded a goal, Luc would take care of business

Gabriele Marcotti, despre Bayern - Inter

What you saw when Bayern took on Inter in the Champions League was two teams built to attack, with a tendency to leave the back lines exposed. Two clubs that, presumably, were aware of the aggregate score and UEFA's away goals rule but, nevertheless, went at it as if all that mattered was scoring more and more, rather than conceding less and less

În caz că vă era dor de Mourinho

In one of our interviews last November, he agreed to play a parlor game in which he provided his rapid-fire impressions of some of the world's top managers. All I had to do was say their names. Mourinho made his way through Sir Alex («Legend»), Barcelona's Pep Guardiola («Top coach, and a good guy»), Arsenal's Arsène Wenger («Good coach») and England's Fabio Capello («Top coach with a great history»).

The subtleties were revealing: Wenger, whom Mourinho derisively labeled «a voyeur» during his Chelsea days, got a shrug and a lukewarm review. But there was nothing subtle on that November day when Mourinho heard the name Rafael Benitez, his bête noire, the former Liverpool manager who eliminated Mourinho's Chelsea twice in Champions League and had taken Mourinho's old job with Inter Milan. Mourinho paused for effect, then dropped the hammer: «Inter coach». It was hard not to laugh. Benitez would soon be pushed out at Inter, presumably pleasing Mourinho, but the lesson was clear: The Special One unplugged is endlessly entertaining

Şi un video, pentru că tot se împlinesc astăzi 150 de ani de la unificarea Italiei.

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  • alex21 says:

    Schalke vreau ...nerazzur ce te apuca de vrei Real? uitat cam repede cine e Mourinho...

  • alex21 says:

    :))) ne-a iesit bn..Schalke nu e slaba dar e cea mai accesibila...orikum i-a iesit perfect lui poate sa joace cu Inter sau Chelsea decat in finala...

  • deki says:

    Cred ca nu se putea mai bine de asa....finala Real Madrid - INTER!

    Xavi: "Il Barcellona è superiore a tutti"


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