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O privire asupra carierei lui Santon

In reality, of course, it may just be that Santon is simply a young player, prone to dips in form like any other, and one whose career has been disrupted by a number of niggly injuries over the last two years as well. He he has shown improvement since arriving at Cesena (his average match rating in Gazzetta since the move has been 5.7/10), and there are rumours of big clubs preparing bids for the summer

O analiză scurtă, dar la obiect, a meciului cu Schalke

Inter's diamond vs Schalke was: Thiago Motta and Sneijder as playmakers, with Stankovic (then Kharja) and Cambiasso wide. No one can deny that Cambiasso is out of depth there - his natural position is Motta's and Leonardo should alternate or choose between the two for that spot. It’s nearly the same story for Stankovic, who can play everywhere, but with different results - his best position is behind the strikers, so I'd alternate him with Sneijder, which would be the first choice (but playing every three days you need to rotate some players). There is a lack of workhorses at Inter so those are the players I'd chase in the next transfer market

Şi, evident, subiectul la modă al ultimelor zile

Leonardo, in rescuing an impossible situation had created another. Any defeat in this run of games would have felt like the most significant in the business end of the season. The safest conclusion to make is that without Leonardo, Inter would not be where they are today. His work now is about making the best of another bad situation, as the Press imply it is about making the best of another bad Coach”.

Bonus: O colecţie de supergoluri reuşite de Deki în cariera sa. Pare că băiatul ăsta nu ştie să înscrie normal.

By Ionut Tataru with 2 comentarii

2 comentarii:

  • Mishu says:

    Forza inter!! Trebuie sa ne revenim. Intr-adevar si eu sunt de acord ca Cambiasso sa faca schimb de posturi cu Motta. Cred ca am avea o echipa de la mijloc in jos mult mai sigura.

  • WooZie says:

    Apropo, nu stiu care acuma cateva luni ma contrazicea cand am zis ca Motta joaca mai bine pe flanc ( defensiv nu la contructie ). Sa nu uitam ca vs Barca el a jucat extrema stanga. Si nu doar vs Barca. E tipit genul de jucator defensiv care omoara un flanc intreg. Cum ar fi vs Bayern ( robben ) , vs barca ( pana a luat rosu ) vs Milan ( la meciul in care a si dat gol si noi am jucat -1 om ). Au fost multe meciuri in care a jucat pe stanga in romb si el era pe flancul stang. Ionut corecteaza-ma daca gresesc dar eu asa tin minte. Pe vremea lui Mou au fost multe meciuri in care el a jucat acolo . Parca chiar tu m-ai corectat cand am facut eu o tactica SF luata parca din FM si tu m-ai intrebat cu ce a gresit omul de l-am pus in banda stanga :P

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