Un interviu cu un vechi şi mare fan al Interului. Absolut senzaţional!

Picking one single person to summarize Inter’s DNA is nearly impossible. The first names that pop up in the mind are the names of Mazzola, my childhood hero, Facchetti of course, Corso, captain Picchi. But also Boninsegna and Bergomi and Zenga. In actual times you should speak of Zanetti. But the most influent and marking person is, I think, Helenio Herrera. He did not invent catenaccio but he sublimed the system and put a certain character to the team that was unknown before and after (maybe Mourinho brought back something of that power). Herrera was a symbol for the greatness, the willpower, the psychological accents. He was also a visionary an avant-garde person with that little flick of madness that belongs to genius. I visited the man in Venezia, two years before he passed away. At his old age he discussed matters, detail of Inter as if he was still the trainer in the dressing room. Getting exited, angry, happy. Jumping up from his chair, stepping around in his room, moving little magnets on a football blackboard to show how the players should be positioned. Furious over mistakes made by referees against his Inter. What a character!

Despre un Dumnezeu printre oameni

His physical abilities at the age of 38 and half ignites jealousy among millions. He warms himself on the praise and affection that are endlessly showered upon him. Sketching yet another piece on his personality or footballing brilliance would be a cliché. Though that does not mean the fans, out of sheer amazement, should stop holding their breath, pressing their heart with one palm and with another pointing to him, and delightfully gasping – «Look at the man! He’s 38!».

Nesfârşita dilemă „Sneijder sau Alvarez?

Indeed if the question is who is the better player, Alvarez is a distant second in an unfair two-horse race. There are, however, a number of major factors which may just swing the decision in favour of the 23-year-old and send his team-mate heading for the exit which is widely predicted over the summer

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